Oral Hygiene

Bad breath (Halitosis), Swollen gums( gingivitis & Periodontitis) , Bleeding while brushing are common conditions people have which causes significant anxiousness or even embarrassment!
Developing healthy Oral Hygiene habits at home like

1) Brushing (at least ) twice a day for about 2 minutes the right way

2) Flossing regularly

3) Using an antiseptic Mouthwash often

4) Hydrating body adequately with Water and fluids

5) Quitting smoking

These Small measures can help your teeth and gum stay healthy for a long time.
Visit your Periodontist or Dentist for regular checkups and cleaning to stay free of tooth problems.

Dr. Baby Sailaja


  1. Bad breath cures are not something many people talk about, in fact save for hurtful comments made behind the back of someone with bad breath, there is rarely any real discussion on this all too common personal problem.


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